Tasty Healthy Snacks!

Tasty Healthy Snacks!

We at Small Hands Big Dreams Learning Centers, the best preschool in Lake County, love to encourage healthy eating! Here are some of our favorite snacks to share with the family.

Fishing rods

Using a sheet of blue construction paper, cut out a pond shape. Place a spoonful of Neufchâtel cheese, cream cheese or sun butter in a cupcake wrapper and place next to the pond. Next add goldfish crackers to the pond. To complete the fishing experience, take a pretzel rod, dip the tip into your choice of dip and then use it as a fishing rod to “reel” the goldfish in.

Easy trail mix

To make an easy trail mix combine one cup each of your favorite healthy cereals such as Cheerios or Chex. Next add a few tablespoons of your choice of dried fruits (raisins or cranberries work well). Finally pick a sweet treat such as marshmallows or chocolate chips to add to the bag. Combine everything in a large Ziploc bag and shake it up. This a great opportunity for preschool aged children to practice measuring skills. This snack is very versatile can be altered for any taste or occasion!

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