A Safe, Comforting Space
For Your Precious Baby

Trusted Caregivers Love On Your Little
One In A Big, Beautiful, Comforting Space

Safe, Comforting Space For Your Precious Baby

A Safe, Comforting Space For Your Precious Baby

Trusted Caregivers Love On Your Little
One In A Big, Beautiful, Comforting Space

Infants | 6 weeks - 12 months | Serving Stoughton, WI

Soothing Natural Light Keeps Your Baby Calm

The vast baby room is full of soothing colors and natural light that give your baby a sense of calm. They feel safe and secure while they eat, play, and learn throughout the day.

Enjoy Privacy In Your Cozy Nursing Room

Enjoy a few private moments with your precious little one throughout the day when it’s time to nurse. Make the most of these moments in a tranquil space dedicated solely to nursing Moms.

Ignite Your Baby’s Senses With Daily Hands-On Play

Sensory play keeps your child engaged and teaches them how to focus on what they hear, see, and feel. They explore textures, view cute and colorful books, and listen to music that lights up their mind.

Baby Signing Helps Your Baby Self-Express

Spark your child’s natural ability to communicate their needs. Baby signing empowers your baby’s expression abilities. Watch as they quickly become able to share their needs.

A No Cell Phone Policy Means 100% Of The Teacher's Attention Is On Children.

Delight Your Little One With Outside Play

Ample time outdoors encourages your baby to connect with the environment around them while discovering the magic of nature. They also get to play indoors on a soft, clean carpet with toys, bouncers, and more.

Lead Teachers Greet You With Smiles And Updates

Your baby receives a primary caregiver that stays with them long-term so that they have a lasting bond. Lead teachers in the baby room are there to greet you to let you know of any developments in your baby’s day.

Stay Connected To Your Baby With An App

The Tadpoles© parent app keeps you updated on your baby’s day, so you never miss a special moment. Receive pictures, videos, and communication directly to your phone and witness their milestones in growth and learning.

Proud To Be Family-Owned And Operated For Over 15 Years!

Hear What Parents Have To Say

"Weebleworld will exceed your expectations of childcare."
Attention to education, safety, technology, and playful environment set them apart from the rest.

Katie Holt

"They are very safe with extra covid precautions"
communication is always prompt and professional if we send an email, and they keep my three year old smart.

Blake Lewis

"The staff was very supportive, understanding, and caring "
The teachers really took the time to care for her physical AND emotional needs during this difficult time.

Tonya Lawfer

Kick-off your child’s incredible early learning journey