School Age And Summer Fun Full Of Excitement

Enrichment Activities, Outdoor Play, And Friendships That Make Lasting Memories

School Age And Summer Fun Full Of Excitement

Enrichment Activities, Outdoor Play, And Friendships That Make Lasting Memories

School Age & summer camp | 5 -12 years | Stoughton, WI

Summer Camp Runs From June 12-August 31 2023

Summer Camp Runs From

June 13 - August 26, 2022

Convenient Transportation To Schools Provided Daily

Benefit from transportation from all three elementary schools in Stoughton (drop off in morning, pick up in afternoon) for added convenience. Your child is safe and sound until you pick them up and you have peace of mind.

Qualified And Passionate Teachers Guide Your Little Student

Teachers come with experience, skills, and passion, and they possess everything they need to teach your child everything they need to know to excel academically. Your child’s education and development are guided and supported.

Your Child Stays Active With Frequent Outside Play

Campers play outdoors for up to four hours each day, and your child gets a chance to connect with nature. They experience nature at its best and connect with flora and fauna through group play and a fantastic playground.

Homework Assistance That Supports Their Learning

Teachers are ready and willing to assist your child with their homework after school. Homework helps keep their minds sharp and helps strengthen the instruction they receive during their school day.

Flexibility In Hours That Supports Your Schedule

A parent’s schedule can be jam-packed, and options when it comes to your child’s care can make things better. Care during early release days and non-school days help you manage your responsibilities.

Field Trips And Weekly Themes Bring Excitement

Your child enjoys weekly picnics, walks to the library, park time, and more, allowing them to observe and enjoy the world around them as they explore new settings while building friendships and learning. Weekly themes keep things fun!

An Environment Ideal For An Unforgettable Summer

Sports, tons of space, and endless fun with friends make sure your camper won’t soon forget this summer! Kids are entertained, busy, and stimulated at all times, developing their minds as they stay active in the fresh air and sunshine. They have both choice and structure.

Children Enjoy A Brown Bag Lunch With Friends

Your child gets to bring their favorite lunch from home and enjoys eating and spending time with their peers while recharging and taking in the nutrients that keep them healthy throughout the day.

Daily Arts And Crafts To Spark Creativity

Your camper gets elbow-deep in arts and crafts daily, bringing out their inner creative, and allowing their imagination to soar through various forms of expression and artistic concepts they love to engage in.

Proud To Be Family-Owned And Operated For Over 15 Years!

Hear What Parents Have To Say

"Weebleworld will exceed your expectations of childcare."
Attention to education, safety, technology, and playful environment set them apart from the rest.

Katie Holt

"They are very safe with extra covid precautions"
communication is always prompt and professional if we send an email, and they keep my three year old smart.

Blake Lewis

"The staff was very supportive, understanding, and caring "
The teachers really took the time to care for her physical AND emotional needs during this difficult time.

Tonya Lawfer

Kick-off your child’s incredible early learning journey