An All-Inclusive Space
Your Child Loves!

Academics, Social-Emotional Learning, Free
Play, And Enrichments All Under One Roof

An All-Inclusive Space Your Child Loves!

Academics, Social-Emotional Learning, Free
Play And Enrichments All Under One Roof

4K | 4-5 Years | Stoughton, WI

Full-Day Care That Will Meet Your Every Need

Enjoy a flexible schedule and all-encompassing care. The center is open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm daily (6:30 am to 5:30 pm during COVID) to accommodate your busy work schedule and life as a parent.

An All-Around High Standard Of Care

A partnership with the Stoughton Area School District and a licensed and experienced teacher who runs the program means your child receives the very best in care and education from 8:00 am to 11:00 am daily. Wrap care is also available for all non-4K hours.

Getting a Grasp On Key Pre-Academic Skills

Your child learns from the OWL Curriculum, self-led play, and structured learning that prepares them to advance to the next level. They master new skills while gaining confidence in learning new concepts, knowledge, and subjects.

A No Cell Phone Policy Means 100% Of The Teacher's Attention Is On Children.

A Free Choice Approach Creates Little Thinkers

Theme-based and play-based activities help spark your child’s passion for discovery by empowering them to become actively involved in what they are learning each day. They make choices when it comes to what they’d like to know, which in turn improves their sense of independence and logic.

Develop Large Muscle Groups With Frequent Outdoor Play

Your child spends up to 4 hours outside, playing, and connecting with nature through the environment around them. Exposure to the outdoors helps kids learn about new flora and fauna while understanding life cycles and the change of seasons.

Daily Healthy Meals And Snacks Are Included

Your child enjoys delicious food every day, including breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Meals are prepared on-site by a skilled, experienced chef and always incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables that help your little one grow big and strong.

A Communication App Keeps You Informed

Never miss a moment with the Tadpoles© parent app. Feel like you’re right there once you drop your child off as they learn, play, and navigate through their day. The app is easy and convenient to use!

Build All-Important Social-Emotional Skills

Your child engages in interpersonal activities that help improve their emotional intelligence, resulting in healthy relationships with their peers, a stronger understanding of themselves, increased confidence, and enhanced maturity.

Proud To Be Family-Owned And Operated For Over 15 Years!

Hear What Parents Have To Say

"Weebleworld will exceed your expectations of childcare."
Attention to education, safety, technology, and playful environment set them apart from the rest.

Katie Holt

"They are very safe with extra covid precautions"
communication is always prompt and professional if we send an email, and they keep my three year old smart.

Blake Lewis

"The staff was very supportive, understanding, and caring "
The teachers really took the time to care for her physical AND emotional needs during this difficult time.

Tonya Lawfer

Kick-off your child’s incredible early learning journey