Unlock A World Of Imagination
For Your Growing Toddler

Ample Free, Open Space Encourages Your Child To
Learn, Build, And Discover The World Around Them

Unlock A World Of Imagination
For Your Growing Toddler

Ample Free, Open Space Encourages Your Child To Learn, Build, And Discover The World Around Them

Toddlers | 12-24 months | Serving Stoughton, WI

Indoor Climbers Keep Your Toddler Moving

Toddlers are so energetic and need to move throughout the day. Indoor climbers in large, spacious classrooms keep your little more active as they play, interact, and discover the world around them.

Connect Your Little One To Nature With Outdoor Play

Exposure to the outdoors boosts focus and allows your little one to connect with nature. Your child gets to interact with plants, grassy playgrounds, and other earthly items, which shapes how they connect with the planet and each other.

A No Cell Phone Policy Means 100% Of The Teacher's Attention Is On Children.

Theme-Based Play Builds Cognitive Skills

Stimulate your toddler’s mind every day with self-led play and structured activities. Help develop their senses and prepare them for their next level of learning. Self-expression starts with free choice and creativity.

Build Social-Emotional Skills For Healthy Relationships

At this age, your child needs support and guidance when it comes to regulating their emotions. Educated teachers help your little one navigate their big feelings with:

Conscious Discipline®

A world-renowned technique that focuses on the teacher being calm and centered.

Love and Logic®

Expect happy interactions with this technique that empowers teacher and child.


Your child’s emotional energy is redirected towards love and peaceful resolution.

Prepare For The Real World With Practical Life Skills

Your child’s individuality is honored as teachers instill practical life skills to have positive interactions with others and make educated decisions. Your child navigates their development as they gain a sense of responsibility, independence, and teamwork.

Capture Special Moments With The Tadpoles© App

Receive updates directly to your phone through a high-tech and convenient communication app. You receive adorable pictures and videos about your child’s day, so you feel connected as they eat, learn, and play.

Feel Confident In Trusted Teachers

With years of experience, founder and director Maggie leads a team of passionate teachers dedicated to nurturing, teaching, and developing children. Alongside staff with a low turnover rate, you can expect open communication and answers to all of your questions.

Proud To Be Family-Owned And Operated For Over 15 Years!

Hear What Parents Have To Say

"Weebleworld will exceed your expectations of childcare."
Attention to education, safety, technology, and playful environment set them apart from the rest.

Katie Holt

"They are very safe with extra covid precautions"
communication is always prompt and professional if we send an email, and they keep my three year old smart.

Blake Lewis

"The staff was very supportive, understanding, and caring "
The teachers really took the time to care for her physical AND emotional needs during this difficult time.

Tonya Lawfer

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