Patterning Activities at Home

Patterning Activities at Home

Patterning is a fun and easy way to bring early childhood math activities home.

One simple way to teach patterns at home is to use M & M’s. Have your child copy and extend patterns that you make M&M’s. And then challenge your child to make a pattern of his or her own. The fun thing about this is your can eat your pattern when you are done!

A second easy way to focus on patterns at home is to clap or drum out patterns on your lap. Have your child repeat what you have clapped or drummed, repeat with different patterns and speeds. This activity helps to engage all areas of the brain with listening, focusing on the pattern, remembering the pattern and repeating the pattern.

A third fun way to work on patterns at home is beading. Using pony beads and string, tie a small knot with a bead on one end of the string. Then bead away making a necklace or bracelet. Tie off the end at the desired length with a clasp or several knots. Children can use their creativity to create their own beautiful and wearable patterns. In addition, this activity focuses on fine motor skills which are vital for early childhood development.

By pointing out and working on patterns at home, you and your child are able to practice key concepts which will be mastered in school.

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