Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day Ideas

We at Small Hands Big Dreams day care Kirtland Ohio love Mother’s Day! It is such a great time to show mom just how special she is! Here are some fun and easy ideas for kids to show how much they are.

Give her a homemade manicure. Combine sugar and Dawn Dish Detergent with Olay to make a hand-scub. Pick out a new decorative nail file and a couple of bottles of nail polish and you are all set!

Or pick up some melting chocolate (milk, dark or white) and melt in a bowl. Choose several large strawberries and dip them halfway in the chocolate. Set on wax paper or a cookie sheet to set. You can also add a little bit of chocolate drizzle for a decorative finish.

If you are feeling really creative you can make your own coupon books. Cut paper into large square, using marking, decorate the coupon. In the middle of each write a special thing that mom will love. For example, “Good for hand-car wash.”

No matter how you choose to celebrate mom, she will be guaranteed to love it!

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