August Family of the Month

August Family of the Month

Our Small Hands Big Dreams Family of the Month for August is the Hoover Family! The Hoover family is made up of mom, dad and one girl.

The Hoover’s have many family favorites! Their favorite meal is taco salads and their favorite thing to together is to make forts and watch movies in them on the weekends. In addition, their favorite movies is currently Moana with Frozen as a close second. Finally their favorite family tradition is Sunday dinner at Nana’s house.

The Hoover Family feels that their family is special because they are “constantly making jokes and being silly at home. Through good days and bad…we laugh through it all.”

And what do does the Hoover Family love about Small Hands Big Dreams day care Kirtland Ohio? “They really go above and beyond to make everyone feel special. It feels like our extended family.”

Congratulations Hoover Family!

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