4 Fun Activities for Kindergarten Prep

4 Fun Activities for Kindergarten Prep

It is almost time for back to school. And it is never too early to start preparing for kindergarten. Here are some fun activities to assure that your child is kindergarten ready!

Letter recognition –
Encourage your child to recognize the letters and sounds in his/her name.
Place labels on items in the house (such as door, tv, cabinet, etc.) and read the items aloud when you walk past them.
Have a letter scavenger hunt around the house to find things that start with a certain letter.

Number recognition –
Challenge your child to recognize numbers in his/her environment.
Make everything a counting game (from climbing stairs to setting the table, you can count almost anything).

Sight words –
Write down several sight words (including important names and/or Dolch sight words) and display them on the wall in your child’s bedroom.

Colors and shapes –
Identify colors and shapes in the home and outside environment.

Finally the most important tip is read with your child daily. Many studies have shown that the more a child is read to in his/her early years the more successful he/she will be in school.

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