September Family of the Month

September Family of the Month

Our Small Hands Big Dreams family of the month for September is the Trenton family (aka The Turbo Trenton’s)! The Trenton family is made up of mom, dad, one boy and one girl. In addition, the Trenton’s have two black cats called Tej and Topher.

The Trenton’s love to do things together as a family including visiting the zoo and the science center. The Trenton family also have several favorite things. Their favorite meal is pizza and ice cream, and their favorite movies are Moana and The Sandlot.

The Trenton’s also have several family traditions including taking a short family trip every year and reading together before bed every night.

The Trenton family feels that their family is special because “we love being together and taking every chance we can to be silly, no matter how busy life gets around us.”

And what do the Trenton’s love about Small Hands Big Dreams? “We love how loving and enthusiastic all of the teachers are with every child! The variety of learning and play opportunities are really helping us all grow, and it’s great to have a place where our children are happy and well cared for when we can’t be with them.”

Congratulations Turbo Trentons!

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