May is National Transportation Month

May is National Transportation Month

May is National Transportation Month and we at Small Hands Big Dreams preschool Kirtland Ohio love to go, go, go! Transportation is such a fun way to teach children about gross motor skills, science, math, language arts and even music. Here are a few fun transportation activities that you can try at home!

Have a big collection of toy cars? Use them to teach sorting skills by dividing them by size, type or color. Then you and your child can count how many cars are in each category, and which category has the most and which has the least amount of cars. This activity can be done with any group of items.

Want to build your own boat? Use recycled materials from your home to experiment about what will sink and what will float. Next, build your own boat (sponges or Styrofoam cups are a good place to start). Finally, fill a kiddie pool with water and race your boats to see which is the fastest!

Hungry after all that fun? Make your own traffic light snack. Take a quarter of a graham cracker and place a slice or strawberry on the top portion, a slice of banana on the middle portion and a slice of kiwi on the bottom to make your very of transportation snack.

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