Happy Father’s Day 2017!

Happy Father’s Day 2017!

Happy Father’s Day!  We at Small Hands Big Dreams daycare Kirtland Ohio know the importance of family in a child’s life. This week we are celebrating fathers of all kinds.

Here are a few fun ideas for kids to make fathers for their special day!

Our first gift idea is a homemade coupon book with goodies that dad will love. For younger children, the coupons might include “donuts with dad” or “help pick up toys”. For older children the coupons might include “hand car wash” or “help with yard work”. The ideas for coupons are endless!

A second idea that dad will love is a hand print gift. Simply get a sheet of colorful construction paper. Next dip the child’s hands in washable paint and press his/her hands onto the paper to make hand prints. Let the hand prints dry. Finally, write “Hands downs, you are the best dad” on the top of the paper. You can also include the child’s name and the year as a memorable keepsake.

A final ideas for father’s day is a footprint paint project. Using a sheet of white construction paper, dip the child’s foot in washable brown paint and press the footprint onto the center of the paper. Let it dry and then with white paint, decorate the footprint as a football. Finally on the top write “Daddy I’m Your #1 Fan!”

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